I Want More (Single)

by Aden Ray



released March 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Aden Ray Los Angeles, California

Aden Ray is a R&B, pop artist and songwriter form all over. His music is inviting and carefully crafted to best express himself. His sound is progressive, but still holds down the base setting of the genre. It is a new direction that is being taken, but it is a direction you'll like to see progress even more... ... more

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Track Name: I Want More
Aden Ray - I Want More


Can you tell me
Why you love me
Everybody's joking on me, why?
You don't have a time to love
Someone's getting late tonight
I feel such a fool cause I
I forgot how to remind you
Cause I'm a from the place
Where the birds flying high
You have to see this grace,
To fly into the sky
Look into the future now
I hope, that you wonder how
Baby, you look so funny now


But I am who I am
And I know what I need
Let me show you the plan
That you don't have to read

You love me tonight
Get on your knees
Make me feel alright
Now I want you to kiss

Maybe tonight I want more


Baby honey, are you ready?
Loving me is simple for you, why?
I am surely made for love
I'm still getting late tonight
I feel such a fool cause I
I forgot how to remind you


Maybe I'm thankful anyway
I have spent with you each day
Now I'm standing on the right way
But the right way is the hard way
And I want more than I can explain
I want more every minute
Give me more every moment
Oh why...